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Onsite Clinics and Mobile Health

Hawk Health and Safety Services Mobile Health UnitHawk Health & Safety provides a wide range of health services for both on-site and mobile clients. Clients select the combination of services that fit their needs and budget. All of our healthcare services are available on any schedule necessary to match clients’ operations. Hours of operation range from single shift coverage to 24/7 coverage and can vary over time to meet clients’ changing needs.

We offer many different staffing models. All healthcare staff receive physician medical direction and support from operations, IT, legal, and other teams to ensure consistent, positive outcomes.

A wide scope of service options are available to clients, including:

Occupational Care

  • Treatment of work-related injuries.
  • Environmental support.
  • Surveillance programs.
  • Support for industrial hygiene and ergonomics.
  • Safety support and training.
  • Drug and alcohol screening.

Primary Care

  • Management of stable chronic conditions.
  • Management of minor infections and illnesses.
  • Refer and coordinate care.
  • Educate and advise patients.


  • Screening, education, prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Urgent Care

  • Treatment of acute illnesses.
  • Treatment of minor orthopedic injuries.
  • Treatment of soft-tissue injuries, including sutures.

Emergency Response

  • Response, assessment, initial treatment and stabilization in emergencies.
  • Coordination with community EMS.

Health and Wellness Clinics

Our health and wellness clinics are located inside or near client facilities. We can accommodate scheduled appointments as well as walk-in access. Onsite clinics are convenient for employees, reducing time away from work while receiving care. Clinics can also welcome dependents, retirees, visitors, and more. We offer clinics staffed by medics, health technicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or physicians.

Direct Response Mobile Health

Hawk Health & Safety offers a mobile medical service that provides on-demand care to workers injured in non-emergency situations. When deployed, health technicians respond to jobsites in specially-equipped vehicles. Our vehicles offer a comfortable and private space to provide health services.

Contact us and learn how an onsite health clinic will improve health outcomes and reduce costs!

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