Hawk Health and Safety Services are available onsite or near client facilities and improve health outcomes.Hawk Health & Safety offers a variety of comprehensive health and safety services to clients. We work with each of our clients to determine the optimal mix of services to meet their needs and budget. Clients select the scope of services, staffing and hours of operation, up to 24/7 coverage. Our services are compatible with all of our clients’ preferred networks and panels of providers.

On-Site Health Clinics

Hawk Health & Safety offers a range of clinical staff levels, including nurse – or paramedic-based clinics to clinics staffed by nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or physician-based clinics. Clinic staff can also include other health professionals, including wellness, nutrition and fitness coaches. Clients determine who has access to their onsite clinic, including combinations of employees, dependents, retirees and contractors as well as on-location customers and visitors.

Direct Response Mobile Health

Hawk Health & Safety offers a mobile medical service that provides on-demand care to workers injured in non-emergency situations. Our mobile units are specially-equipped vans, which give a comfortable, private space for assessment and treatment of jobsite injuries inside the vehicle. Service models include units dedicated to a client with multiple jobsites in a specific area and shared units servicing multiple clients. With our mobile units, we can also perform drug and alcohol testing, respirator fit testing, safety support, new-hire orientation and training.

Safety Staff and Training

Hawk Health & Safety augments client safety staffing and helps implement client safety programs. Safety services also include compliance audits, inspections, investigations and program development. Additionally, we provide worksite safety training to help customers meet regulatory requirements and enhance their safety programs.

24/7 Telephonic Injury Triage

With 24/7 injury triage, injured employees call a toll-free number to speak with a nurse, who uses specialized software, algorithms and patented processes to assess the injury and determine the best course of action. Minor cases are resolved with self-care and first aid, preventing costly claims for employers and unnecessary treatments for workers. More serious cases are identified immediately and referred to the appropriate level of care. Injury triage is compatible with all insurance brokers, carriers, captives, pools, groups and telemedicine providers.

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